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Market Research

Market Assessment: Can I Sell and/ or Should I Sell?

A Turnkey Solution To Commercialize Your Medical Devices In The Emerging Asian Markets.

Different countries in Asia Pacific have different regulatory requirements and market requirements.

Companies often make the mistake of doing bulk registrations without actually realizing whether they have a market or not in a country. Alternatively, companies start talking to distributors who they meet at congresses/trade shows and spend a lot of resources and time in understanding the market and they find out they they do need a small yet significant regulatory requirement in the country.

Our Work Style

At this stage, Morulaa simplifies the situation with Market Research which answers two main questions – Can I sell and Should I sell. Illustrated below are some samples. On understanding your product, currently regulatory status, pricing options,† logistics and warehousing support systems we† generate a list of countries within the Asia Pacific region to target.
Obtain a list of Asia Pacific countries where your products can be registered keeping your documentation in mind
Find out the market potential, pricing possibilities and demand in various SE Asian markets to determine the suitability of targeting different countries in this region
Deciding on a 5 year plan for the selected regions, including the key decision on whether going through the Joint Venture or a Distributor model.

What We Can Do

Train Us

We understand the product, competitive advantage and Key selling points

Direct Feedback

Report straight from Distributors/end users/ purchase managers

Product Placement

Evaluation to determine the placement of product in local market
Can I sell?Is there any product such as yours in the market?/?
What is the pricing and competitive players?/?
What is the market size?/?
Should I sell?What is the Market size?/?
Is the market saturated or is it growing/ room for more players?/?
Which segment of the market does your product selling fall under – Govt, Private (Tier Based)?/?
How big is the market, who are the competitors and scope of growth?/?

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