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Morulaa |Registration, Market Research and Distributor Selection

Our Story

Optimized Business Environment for Healthcare in the Indian Region

The acceleration in commercialization of bio-science technologies and growth of healthcare companies in Ohio, specifically around Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University led to the foundation of this company. Morulaa assists in understanding the regulation of medical device, IVDs, Cosmetics and Drugs to obtain Registration certificates in Form 41 or Form 43 for India and also in Selection of Distributors to commercialize in the huge Indian market. Our team identifies cutting edge technology in healthcare around the globe that have the potential to meet healthcare demands in India.

Total APAC Healthcare spending is expected to grow from USD1.34tn to USD2.2tn in 2018 at a CAGR 10.5%. A growing list of very affluent people in large population, a rapidly growing healthcare sector with massive investments by the government of various countries; makes medical device and diagnostic companies realize that Indian market is important for growth and development. Partnering with well profession-ed team for obtaining Product Approval certificate with the Indian FDA (CDSCO) and reliable Distributor Selection support becomes the key to successfully enter the Indian healthcare market.

Product Approval and Distributor Selection Services in India

We have over 100 years experience in business. Morulaa is a turnkey solution provider with in-house regulatory team for registration of medical device, IVDs, cosmetics, drugs (Form 41, Form 43) and marketing team for Distributor Selection process. These teams work in sync with our clients to commercialize healthcare products in the Indian medical industry. We work in a unique model for Product Registration with the Indian FDA and Distributor Selection to reduce the time frame for the market entrance.

Morulaa can also assist in obtaining the other relevant licenses such as import license (Form 10), Test License (Form 11) to successfully import the products into India. As an Indian Authorized Agent, Morulaa provides high quality and professional services and develop long term relationship for the Indian market.

Who We Are

Morulaa is a team of like minded individuals with a common goal – making life easy for our customers. Our collaborations are with key companies across the Indian Region for effective delivery of sales and marketing in the Healthcare sector.

  • Complete handling of Regulatory Requirements for Registration of Medical Device in India
  • Achieve Stress Free Productive Sales by reliable Distributor Selection with our Team
  • Turnkey Solution Providers
Our team specializes in Healthcare for the Asia Pacific market – from registration of medical devices to market assessment and distribution set-up. Our projects are customized based on the Clients requirements
Our USP: We maintain relationships with key decision makers across hopital and regulatory stakeholders. This enables us to directly answer which Asia Pacific markets would our client products be suitable for, without going through several steps / procedures.
A dedicated person / team is assigned to each client project and they undergo product training. Our belief is that we must understand the product, to do justice to the project undertaken.
Peace of mind and knowing what is happening when you are sitting miles away is very important. Our team ensures just that by regular updates and constant communication.

Market Assesement 50%

Regulatory Approval 70%

Direct to Decision Maker 80%

Distributor Selection 85%

Logistics and Warehousing 90%

Sales & Support 100%

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